Danielle & Damien’s Wedding

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph Danielle and Damien’s wedding.  It was a treat.
We spent the weekend at the picturesque Amme Farm in rural Vermont.  The guests stayed at the Amme Farm guest house where they fellowshipped, ate, hiked, and biked before the wedding.  (I may or may not have gone for a run up a mountain the morning of the wedding that ended up 4 miles longer than intended due to my inattention to trail markers).
The whole weekend was beautiful.  The ceremony was wonderful, the dancing was a blast, and it was a privilege  to be there.  Below is a recap of the weekend.  It is longer than most of my blog posts because there was so much great stuff to photograph.  I even blogged a separate post for the portraits, because they were good enough to demand their own post.
Enjoy the photos.

Damien & Danielle Portraits

I don’t usually dedicate a whole post just to portraits, but I couldn’t help it.  As I was processing the full set of photos I had so many great ones to choose from that I decided to do set of just portraits. Not to take too much credit, I had the opportunity to do an early morning shoot in addition to the wedding formals.  I also had a ideal setting in bucolic Vermont, and two beautiful people in Dani & Damien.
The full set is coming soon; enjoy these great portraits in the meantime.

Engy & Moklas

Engy and Moklas had a beautiful wedding at the Four Seasons, and I was lucky to be a part of it.  Guests traveled from all over Egypt, Kuwait and Syria to be apart of this wonderful day.  All had a blast dancing, enjoying great food, and great company.

Hopefully you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them

Hala & Manawi’s Engagement

Hala & Manawi had a rocking engagement party at the Cairo’s sleekest hot spot, Tamarai.  The club was given a beautiful make over to match the guests’ pink & white apparel.  The party was staffed by Cairo’s finest bartenders, DJ, Dancers, and entertainer from England. It was quite the scene, and I was lucky to capture it.  Congrats to the happy couple on a great party, and a wonderful engagement.  Below are a few pics to enjoy.

Hoda & Ahmed

Hoda & Ahmed had a beautiful wedding in Cairo that I was lucky to be a part of.  They looked great, as did the guests, and the party was a blast- great food, great music, great dancing, and most of of all a wonderful couple.  We did prep and portraits at the Fairmont Heliopolis and held the wedding a wonderful ballroom at the Police Club.  It was a wonderful evening, which is evident in the photos.  Enjoy.